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Step 1: Immerse Yourself in the Magic As your guests step onto the spacious platform at the heart of our 360 Selfie Booth, they are stepping into a world of excitement and innovation. Our platform, boasting 115cm in diameter, sets the stage for a memorable journey of laughter and creativity.

Step 2: Unleash the Fun Our skilled Selfie Staff kickstart the experience, initiating the camera's seamless rotation around the guests. Watch as the magic unfolds - guests can showcase their best smiles, strike captivating poses, or even break into spontaneous dance moves. Elevate the experience further by incorporating our delightful props, confetti cannons, or bubble guns, adding a touch of flair to every video.

Step 3: Instantly Capture and Share In a matter of seconds, a high-quality 8K video that only we offer captures the essence of the moment. This video is then promptly saved to your exclusive online gallery, providing a hassle-free way for guests to relive and share the excitement on their preferred social media platforms, airdrop, QR code, Whatsapp or through email. For an even more immediate sharing experience, consider adding a Sharing Station from our Silver & Gold Packages, allowing guests to instantly view and share their videos on the spot.

Why Choose The Luxe 360?

  • Unparalleled Entertainment: Elevate your event with a unique and immersive 360 Selfie Booth experience that guarantees non-stop entertainment for your guests in 8K quality unlike competitors with our trademarked steel arm giving you better quality videos than competitors with less shake and bounce.

  • Effortless Sharing: Our seamless process ensures that the joy captured in the moment can be easily shared online, creating lasting memories that extend beyond the event itself.

  • Customizable Fun: Tailor your experience with our range of props, confetti cannons, and bubble guns, adding a personalized touch that suits your event perfectly.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I book my 360 Photo Booth with you?

We understand that discerning customers seek the utmost in quality and professionalism when considering photo booth hire. As industry leaders and pioneers in our field, we take immense pride in our award-winning services. Setting ourselves apart, we exclusively shoot in stunning 8K resolution, ensuring unparalleled clarity and detail in every capture.

Furthermore, we prioritize the peace of mind of our clients by maintaining comprehensive insurance coverage. From professional indemnity to liability, and even coverage for our esteemed staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we've got you fully protected.

One of our hallmark innovations is our trademarked 360 photo booths, renowned for their remarkable stability and seamless operation. Thanks to our proprietary steel arm technology, which minimizes shake and bounce, our footage stands head and shoulders above the competition.

While cheaper alternatives may exist, it's crucial to recognize that quality should never be compromised. With us, you're not just getting a photo booth; you're investing in an unparalleled experience backed by our commitment to excellence. We firmly believe that our track record speaks for itself – when you choose us, you're choosing the best.

Why is it called a 360 Photo Booth?

The term "360 Photo Booth" originated from its initial concept as a rotating selfie stick. Over time, it evolved into a dynamic video booth, yet retained its original moniker due to its integration with traditional photo booth features. Some providers may refer to it as a 'video pod' or '360 video booth,' all essentially describing the same concept. It's important to dispel the misconception that it's merely a phone rotating on a circular base; our devices, each valued over £1000, offer sophisticated options including iPhone, Android, or DSLR recording capabilities. The defining feature of our 360 Photo Booth is its innovative arm, which gracefully revolves around the subject, capturing immersive footage from all angles.

How much does it cost?

Understanding the importance of transparency and flexibility, we've streamlined our pricing into easy-to-understand packages outlined below. Additionally, we proudly offer a price match promise, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment. Should you desire any customization beyond our standard packages, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to accommodating your unique needs.

Is an attendant provided with the 360 Photo Booth and set it up/take it down?

Yes - every hire comes with a professional engineer and staff who will do the set up and take down of the 360 Photo Booth.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us by telephone on 07377389937, visiting our Kirkby in Ashfield Office in Nottingham, email, live chat, social media or even the contact us button at the bottom of this page! We are always happy to answer your questions.

What type of events are these suitable for?

Honestly any kind of event because the 360 Photo Booth brings so much fun and enjoyment- it will be the talk of any event.

How much space does the 360 Photo Booth need?

For a bronze package 6 foot by 6 foot, for bigger packages such as the silver or gold 12 foot by 12 foot.

Can the photo booth be customised to match a theme- even say the 360 Photo Booth machine- or not have your branding on?

Yes- this can be done and pricing can be arranged. We can also personalise and match it to any theme with props, backdrops, lighting colours and more just reach out to us and we can arrange a quotation.

How soon in advance should I book?

We are honestly very busy and the 360 Photo Booth is the biggest trend right now- so we would advice booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as all dated are subject to availability.

How do I check date availability before buying on your website?

We have two ways- we have an availability calendar at the bottom of the page, on the check out as well and also a pop up that comes up with a link to the availability calendar as well! Any dates in green are free!

Do you offer finance or deposit options?

Yes - we offer clearpay finance for any hire under £1000, our payment system will automatically offer this when you checkout on the final page as an option.

We also offer a £50 deposit scheme to secure your booking with the remaining balance payable 14 days before your event.

What are the technical requirements for a 360 photo booth?

Just a working power socket- we will sort the rest out for you!

How long does it take to set up and how many people can use it?

The 360 Photo Booth dependent on which package you go for can take between 40 mins - 1 hour to set up.

In terms of amount of people who can use it- we have the bigger size 360 Photo Booth and therefore this is dependent on height, weight and build but it is generally upto 5-6 people.

Is there a usage limit?

No not on any of our hires- take as many videos as you want!

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💰 Best Price Guarantee: We believe in providing value for your investment. Count on us to find the best price for your 360 photo booth hire without compromising on quality. Your satisfaction is our priority and we will match any insured quote like for like.

🤝 Personalized Service: At The Luxe 360, we go beyond rentals; we offer a personal touch. Our team is ready to cater to your specific needs, making sure your event is exceptional and stress-free.

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